Registration Information and fees


€ 300

  • To register, please use the form available here
  • Register as soon as possible, since the number of participants is limited to 40!
  • The registration fee is 300 €. The fee covers course materials, coffee breaks, lunches, as well as social events.
  • The payment deadline is 30 June 2014.
IFToMM Young Delegate Scholarships
  • Two scholarships, each one of 500 USD, are available for students, recent graduates and young scientists, supported by the IFToMM Young Delegates Program They will be awarded to academically strong candidates, taking into account financial need and considerations of diversity.
  • The recipients of the IFToMM scholarship will be also awarded a 150 € discount on the registration fee and an additional support of 150 € to cover their lodging expenses.
  • Additional scholarships and fee waivers will be considered in a limited number of cases.
  • To be considered for a scholarship, the applicant must send a letter of request to the Chairs of the School (, and to the IFToMM Treasurer ( no later than
    1 June 2014.
How to apply for an IFToMM scholarship
  • The YDP grant request must include the following information (please, use the form available here):

    • the name and date of the Summer School,
    • the reason for participation,
    • the source and amount of funds which will cover the costs not to be paid by the scholarship.

    The YDP grant request must be accompanied by:

    • a short curriculum vitae, including date of birth and highlighting research experience, as well as academic interests and achievements;
    • a letter of recommendation, preferably from the current academic supervisor or a senior person at the home institution, confirming that funds are not available to fully support the travel;
    • a budget estimate for the total expenses of the participant to attend the summer school;
    • a statement of grades in the last degree that has been completed.